Photoshop is personally somethign I'm interested in. Here's some of the basic work that we have done.

This is a comparison piece, one of the first projects, we splice an image, the put it with another one,

This is inserting an image with another image, as well as cutting an image.

in this one, we are learning to insert and flip images with the 'Quick Selection Tool',

In this image, we are learning to distort images and changing their perspcetive with the Free Transform tool,

In this same image I added a real plane...just for fun.

I was trying tot make the cover for a flying magazine

Another magazine cover

This is supposed to be a movie poster, it's based on the poster for Ford Vs Ferrari, and a Top Gear Magazine.

As you can see this work is up to par and should be at school standards, I just hope my teacher has the same opinion.